четверг, 1 июня 2017 г.

The Best Lounge Vol.49(Compiled by Sergio)2017

Artist: VA
Title:The Best Lounge Vol.49(Compiled by Sergio)
Label:Compiled by Sergio
Quality:320kbps 44.1khz Joint Stereo

Playlist files:

1. Van - Morning in Jaipur
2. Blank & Jones - Adios Ayer (With Zoe Dee)
3. Chill Factory - Keep on Moving
4. Calar Del Sole - Broken Glass
5. Sundowner feat. Mahara - Last Night
6. Vladi Strecker - Midnight Ocean (Smooth Night Mix)
7. The Magical Corner - Laguna
8. Visions in Blue - High In The Sky (Downbeat Version)
9. Asian Chill Art - Tokio Temptation (Smooth Fingers Cut)
10. Blank & Jones - Chilled Cream
11. Dousk - Anagram
12. Frank Borell - Down 2 Dusk
13. Peter Pearson - The Heart of It
14. Thierry David - Hong Kong Lounge
15. Robien M - Catch a Glimpse
16. Igor Pumphonia - Music Forever
17. Triangle Sun - Your Little Clown
18. Stendahl feat.Jama - Follow Me
19. KASSEO feat. Cordelia O'Driscoll - In Your Eyes
20. Mystic Diversions - Dance Of The Seven Veils 

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суббота, 15 апреля 2017 г.

Whisper From Desert - Mixed by Sergio 2017

Artist: VA
Release: 16|04|2017
Title: Whisper From Desert
Label: Mixed by Sergio
Country: Ukraine
Genre: Lo-Fi,Ethnic,World,New Age
Quality: 320kbps 44.1khz Joint Stereo
Playtime: 01:14:41
Size: 175mb
Tracks: 17


3.Closer To The Light
6.Once Lunas
7.Ra Qi Gong
9.Kolkota Taxi
10.Arabian Desert
13.Bali Ways
14.Relax Time
15.Ain't Feel Nothing
16.Hotel Orient
17.Fade To Grey

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воскресенье, 2 апреля 2017 г.

The Best Lounge Vol.48(Compiled by Sergio)2017

Artist: VA
Title:The Best Lounge Vol.48(Compiled by Sergio)
Label:Compiled by Sergio
Quality:320kbps 44.1khz Joint Stereo

Playlist files:

1.Mystic Diversions - Move Closer
2.Bob Zopp - Summer's Coming (Original Mix)
3.Dave Jerome - In Your Town
4.Dave Koz - Start All Over Again
5.Gelka - Skydiving
6.David Guetta feat. Sia - Titanium (Dj Fernandez Chillout Remix) 
7.Dinka - Smile When You Re Hurt The Most 
8.Magna Canta - Close To Heaven 
9.Alex Project - Race (Phillipo Blake Chill Remix) 
10.The River Gods - Forever 
11.Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Kygo Remix)
12.Donna Summer - I Feel Love (Gold Lounge Love mix)
13.Sven Van Paapen - The Wonder Of My Tears
14.Gary B - Without You
15.Brian Culbertson - Dreaming oF You
16.Emar - Smile At Your Heart
17.Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle
18.Mystic Diversions feat. Mike Francis - Understanding
19.Florito - Feel So Good
20.Dj Rostej - Uncharted
21.Doors In The Sand - Red Triangle
22.M.Vitoria - On The Beach
23.Triangle Sun - Spaceship
24.Paul Hardcastle feat. Ryan Farish - Reflections

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понедельник, 6 февраля 2017 г.

The Best Lounge Vol.47(Compiled by Sergio)2017

Artist: VA
Title:The Best Lounge Vol.47(Compiled by Sergio)
Label:Compiled by Sergio
Quality:320kbps 44.1khz Joint Stereo

Playlist files:

1. ALFIDA - No Comments (Original mix)
2. Vladi Strecker - White Sail (Endless View Mix)
3. Santerna feat Vadim Kapustin - I Believe in Life (Chillout Mix)
4. Jens Buchert - Airboarding 
5. Nacho Sotomayor - Dreams Frontier 
6. Lounge Groove Avenue - Don't Be So Shy 
7. Le Voyage - African Daydreamer (Ethno Mix)
8. Dub Mars - Always And Everywhere 
9. Marga Sol - Since You're Gone
10. Quasamodo - By Your Side
11. Philip Aniskin Feat. Alexsandra Mell - Too Close To You
12. Ambient Light by Natalie Major - Shelter Me With Light
13. ClauChagall - Sunset Buddha
14. Blugazer & Catherine pres. Blue Symmetry - Take Me With You (State Azure Remix)
15. Ambray - Azure
16. Vitodito - Plaza De La Musica (Chillout Mix)
17. Pascal Dubois - Nula
18. Loungeotic - Where The Earth Meets The Sky
19. Michael St Laurent ft. Melissa Pixel - All Gone 
20. Dr. Mondial - Missing You (Chillout Extended Edit)
21. Prana Tones - Yearning For Love
22. Holiday Groove - Bella Vita (City of Owls Mix)
23. Moonnight - To Save Love (Chillout Mix)

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пятница, 30 декабря 2016 г.

The Best Lounge Vol.46(Compiled by Sergio)

Artist: VA
Title:The Best Lounge Vol.46(Compiled by Sergio)
Label:Compiled by Sergio
Quality:320kbps 44.1khz Joint Stereo

Playlist files:

1. Richard Bonnee - Soundscapes (Lounge Atmosphere Mix)
2. 2 Illusions - Lone Wanderer
3. Dancing Fantasy - Midnight Blvd.
4. Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Southern Hemisphere
5. Croone - Never Met a Dream
6. Gotye feat. Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know
7. Valdi Sabev - This Is Love
8. Robien M - Deja Vu (Exclusive mix)
9. Kheops & The Cats - Need You Now
10. Nolux - The Reason Of Love
11. Cinematic - Only You
12. Lisa Shaw - Matter Of Time
13. Senseque - Letters
14. Sky Spirit - Edge Of The Horizon
15. Abakus - Let Go
16. Jylland - Losing Sleep (Blank & Jones Remix)
17. Blank & Jones - April (Milchbar Mix)
18. Noise Boyz feat. Io Vita - Declaration of Love
19. Alexander Volosnikov - Quiet Morning
20. Thomas Lemmer - Ah!
21. Evolve - Mannequin
22. Alfida - Eglama (Pag Remix)

The Best Lounge Vol.45(Compiled by Sergio)

Artist: VA
Title:The Best Lounge Vol.45(Compiled by Sergio)
Label:Compiled by Sergio
Quality:320kbps 44.1khz Joint Stereo

Playlist files:

1.Ficci feat.LaMeduza - Wish
2.Abakus - Dreamer
3.Cats Love Dogs - Sunpearls
4.Harmonium - Scope
5.Jane Maximova - Bliss of Blue
6.Lebensart - Do You Feel
7.Michael E - In A Quiet Moment
8.Paul Adam - The Other Side
9.Jane Maximova feat Lemongrass - Walk
10.Xelomen & This Liquid Sky - Soul Exchange
11.Mazzy Star - Fade Into You
12.Hello Mellow - A Passage In Time
13.Gold Lounge - Night Wind
14.Magnetik - Women With No Name
15.Alfida - Alisha (TH Moy Rmx)
16.Manyus Joan Eta - Traveling
17.Lisa Shaw - When I
18.Klaus Lunde - Goodbye
19.Bliss - Positive Reaction
20.Airily - Walk Alone
21.Polyopia - In My Mind
22.JK Soul - Look Of Love
23.Noise Boyz - My Own
24.Gavin & feat. Sinatic - In Your Eyes

The Best Lounge Vol.44(Compiled by Sergio)

Artist: VA
Title:The Best Lounge Vol.44(Compiled by Sergio)
Label:Compiled by Sergio
Quality:320kbps 44.1khz Joint Stereo

Playlist files:

1.Sambox - Love Complicated 
2.Fridrik Karlsson -Time For Chillout 
3.Demetrio Da Soto - Marrakech
4.Euphonic Traveller - Loungin La Rue Boissy D'anglais
 5.Lila Liu feat. Djamal - The Love Supreme
6.Michael E - Pebbles
7.Rave De Cabaret - Walking On The Borderline (Original Perser mix)
8.Peter Pearson - Blue Mist
9.Prana Tones - Yearning For Love
10.Sweet Euphony - Sea
11.KoolSax - Irish Woman
12.DAB - Remember Then 
13.Jjos - Midnight Sun (Original Mix) 
14.Almadrava - Facing Limits
15.Ronny Morris - All About Love (Ganga Remix)
16.Marga Sol - Prayer For Love
17.Aleksey Beloozerov & Ange - So Far Away (R.I.B. Chillout Remix)
18.Jjos Feat. Maria La Caria Lonely (Manu Lopez Saxo)
19.Celia Felix - All Alone
20.Bryan Milton & AVelour - Paraiso Del Amor (Original mix)
21.Sunny Goldsmith - Chillie
22.Michael E - Tell Me How You Feel
23.Atb & Enigma - Enigmatic Encounter